Workers’ Compensation Fraud in FL—You Can Lose Everything!

What is workers’ compensation fraud in Florida? It is purposefully lying or not telling the whole truth to get workers’ compensation money or medical benefits. The lie or half-truth can be made to the adjuster or your employer, to a doctor or to the defense lawyer in a deposition. The lie can be about a prior medical condition, claim, injury, accident or medical treatment. The lie can be about a different body part than your workers' compensation injury. The lie can be using a false social security number when getting medical treatment for your work-related injury. What happens if the insurance company claims you committed fraud? The insurance company stops all benefits until the Judge of Co

What is needed to start a workers’ compensation exposure claim?

You are working and become sick, have a bad cough, cannot breathe, get a rash or become dizzy, or feel like throwing up. Maybe co-workers are having the same symptoms. Perhaps you are working in a sick building. You feel better when you leave work. You suspect your medical problem is work-related from something in the air, maybe mold or something getting on or in you. These claims are very difficult to win. What can you do to start a possible workers’ compensation exposure claim? Be proactive. Take photos or video of what you think is the problem, for example, mold. Save the photos or videos. Make a list of witnesses who will help. Take samples of what is making you sick and put them in a pl

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