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Social Security Disability Claims


Many times individuals who have been denied Social Security disability benefits contact our office after their claim has been denied and they are pursuing an appeal before an administrative law judge.  Those people have unfortunately listened to someone who told them that they do not need a lawyer for their Social Security claim.  While we do handle Social Security claims at all stages, the best thing to do is to contact us before you file a claim.  If you do not win your claim at the early stages then you are looking at a 15-month wait before your claim is heard by an administrative law judge.


            As attorneys experienced in Social Security claims we can help you develop the medical evidence needed for your case.  Some people file claims where there have been long gaps in treatment or minimal treatment.  Those claims invite a denial by the Social Security administration.  We understand what Social Security looks for in evaluating a claim and will help you gather the right evidence to support your claim. 


            Social Security can find you disabled based on your medical condition alone or a combination based on work restrictions, work history, education and age.  An attorney experienced in Social Security cases knows what to look for to give your case the best chance of succeeding at the initial stage.


            If your case does require a hearing before an administrative law judge we will represent and prepare your case to give you the best chance of success.  You will be required to testify if a hearing is held.  This gives you the chance to tell the administrative law judge how your medical condition has affected you and why you cannot work because of it.  The administrative law judge may also have a vocational expert and medical doctors testify at your hearing.  It is important you hire an attorney who is familiar with the Social Security regulations and knows how to question these experts. 


            We even receive cases involving individuals whose claims have been denied by an administrative law judge and want to know if they can pursue the claim further.  The next step is review by the Appeals Council and finally before the Federal District Court.  Many times it is other attorneys or representatives referring these cases to us because it is an area we specialize in.  We at DeCiccio & Johnson not only try Social Security cases and other cases, we handle our own appeals in state and federal court.


            The Social Security statute, regulations and manuals for disability claims cover thousands of pages of complex matters.  Although it is technically correct that you do not need a lawyer to file a Social Security claim you should consider hiring us as we have experience in this area rather than trying to go it alone.  It is better to have a skilled navigator in troubled waters.  Contact us at DeCiccio & Johnson.

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