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Wayne Johnson

  • Board Certified in FL worker’s compensation since 1998
  • Specializes in federal worker’s compensation claims
  • Litigates Social Security disability claims before administrative law judge, appeals council, federal district court and federal circuit court of appeals

Wayne Johnson has practiced law in central Florida since 1992.  His first job out of law school is with the same firm he is with now.  The stability and continuity of DeCiccio & Johnson is a benefit to anyone looking for legal representation.  The client is the client of the entire firm, not just one attorney.


Mr. Johnson is a graduate of Dartmouth College and the prestigious University of Michigan Law School.  In private practice he has handled various types of litigation and appeals including a successful appeal to the Florida Supreme Court and many of the Florida District Courts of Appeal.  He has served on the Appellate Practice and Advocacy Committee of the Florida Bar along with several local worker’s compensation committees. 


Mr. Johnson is board-certified by the Florida Bar in worker’s compensation and is a Co-Chair in the FECA Section of the Workers' Injury Law & Advocacy Group.  He has also handled civil jury trials in both federal and state courts.  Mr. Johnson has litigated cases in administrative agencies such as the Florida Committee for Human Relations and Public Employees Relations Commission.  While Mr. Johnson, like the firm, had previously represented mainly employers, insurance companies and defendants in cases, the firm has shifted to an exclusive representation of plaintiffs and injured workers. 


 There are many lawyers that handle personal injury, Florida worker’s compensation cases and Social Security disability cases as does Mr. Johnson.  Mr. Johnson however handles cases in areas where it is difficult to find a lawyer.  Mr. Johnson represents injured federal workers, such as postal and FEMA employees, in Federal Employees Compensation Act cases.  Mr. Johnson has given seminars in the areas of Social Security, workers’ compensation and Federal Employees Compensation Act.

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