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Why is important that I create an ECOMP account for my OWCP claim?

Quick Answer:

So, you can be kept informed, and your authorized representative can better assist you with your OWCP case.

Long Answer:

ECOMP is a secure online website that provides OWCP claimants and their authorized representatives (e.g., your lawyer) access to view case information, such as recent actions, medical records, compensation information and decisions.

Your attorney can access your entire OWCP file, be kept up to date, and download and print documents. Your attorney can upload or file documents on your behalf. You and your attorney will be playing from the same sheet of music--your OWCP file.

You can keep yourself informed about your case by logging on to ECOMP. You don’t have to wait for or rely on receiving letters via U.S. Mail from the Department of Labor or calling your claims examiner to find out what’s going on in your case.

To learn more, Google “ECOMP Department of Labor” and you will find your way to “Welcome to ECOMP” on the Department of Labor’s website to get started and register an account; or you can access Ecomp at the the following link:

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