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Located in Central Florida & serving the entire State of Florida 


  • Federal & State Workers' Compensation

  • Toxic Exposure at Work

  • Brain & Spine Injuries

  • Auto Accidents

  • Social Security Disability



Claims and & Lawsuits against Insurance Companies

Has an insurance company been refusing to pay you money they owe?

Federal Worker's Compensation 

Are you a postal worker, an employee of the veteran’s administration or any other federal employee that has been injured on the job?  We can assist you in your claim regardless of where you live against the agency and the Department of Labor to get your lost wages, schedule award and medical benefits.

Traumatic Brain Injury

There is no such thing as a minor brain or spinal cord injury--just ask a family member; victims of brain and spine injuries deserve the experienced hands of a lawyer that understands their harms and losses and how to fix them with compensation through mediation, settlement or trial.

Workers Compensation
The workers' compensation law is complicated, very frustrating to injured workers and is always changing so hiring an experienced board-certified workers' compensation lawyer will help you navigate through the mine fields to obtain the benefits to which you are entitled. 
Auto Accidents

Car crashes can change lives in an instant and tear families apart; hire an experienced litigator who is battle tested and knows his/her way around the court room.

Social Security Disability Claims

Do you need a lawyer for your claim?  Yes!  We can help you get through numerous Social Security rules and regulations to get your benefits.

Longshore and Harbor Works Act Claims
If you are dock worker or a private contractor that has been injured on a military base you are entitled to worker’s compensation benefits under the Longshore and Harbor Worker’s Act.  Let us handle your claim for the wage loss and medical benefits you are entitled to.
Occupational Exposure and Repetitive Trauma
We handle difficult workplace toxic exposure (mold) and repeated trauma claims. 

Who We Represent

DeCiccio & Johnson is a litigation-based law firm that represents plaintiffs and claimants in lawsuits and insurance claims. Daniel DeCiccio and Wayne Johnson are experienced in all types of personal injury litigation. Both are board-certified in workers’ compensation and have significant civil trial experience. While the law firm has litigated all types of claims where someone has been injured, it has developed particular experience in toxic and occupational exposure, traumatic brain injury and spinal-cord injury cases. If you or your loved one has suffered this type of injury due to an on-the-job accident or the fault of others, contact us today. If you're unsure who to talk to about your claim, call us and we'll be happy to point you in the right direction. 



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