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What is a FORM CA-1032 on my federal work comp case and can I ignore it?

This form is one of the most important OWCP forms. If you ignore it, answer any question incompletely, or file it late, all your benefits will be suspended.

OWCP sends out FORM CA-1032 once a year on your birth month to find out if they should continue providing benefits to you. It is your status report to the DOL. You have 30 days to answer the questions and submit the completed form to OWCP. If a question does not apply to you, you should answer “N/A” or “None”. If you don’t tell the truth, it is considered fraud and you can be subject to a civil action or criminal prosecution.

Read the instructions carefully and complete every Part (A-H) and every line. Then check it—and check it again--before you submit it via U.S. Mail or electronically (via ECOMP) and keep a copy.

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